Greetings Everyone!

Dear Guest,

Oh, Hello there! Welcome to the Story House Blog! There are several thing you could do. You could swing by the Fan fiction room to find updates on the stories…Check out the Characters room to find out more information about the characters!. Swing by the guest room to let us know about your visit.

By the Way: Please have patient as we get things rolling around here. So come back and check in. We will let you know when the blog is officially going. If you have any suggestions about the game room or the art room feel free to let me know!

Have a fun day!

storyteller Beno (Woof!)


While you are waiting, why don’t you read the stories. They are at this website:


2 responses to “Greetings Everyone!

  1. Where are the stories ? I am waiting to read something interesting.

    • The Stories are coming. I am attempting to post a link so people can read them on here. Make sure you check out the Fanfiction stories rooms. That is where the stories are located.

      Have you check out my stories on my profile on Here is the link to it: Storyteller Shell

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